Press release / REGIONALE 12 / Festival for Contemporary Art

On the evening of June 21, 2012 the REGIONALE12 project of Larissa Aharoni, a part of the Remembrance Project
"KEIN SCHÖNER LAND" was spray painted.

The 6 road signs along the highway Murtaler Bundesstraße reference those Sinti and Roma (gypsies) who were detained
in the Triebendorf camp, and were used as forced labor for the construction of the highway.

The emotionally charged debate about the project in the recent weeks along with the acts of vandalism only serve to
reinforce the relevance of this remembrance project conceived by Uli Vonbank-Schedler and Werner Koroschitz:

On Friday evening one of the signs was damaged - apparently it was not an act against the content of the piece, but
rather an expression of displeasure with the regionale12 in general and with the installation of a remembrance mark for
such an event. The historical debate about National Socialism and its victims, nearly 70 years after the war, has lost
none of its relevance. It is still a measure of the societal self-perceptions and identities, where the understanding of
the democracy of a nation, region or locality of today can be read. The discussion is not one-sided, rear-facing end in
itself rather, the reference point of any historical consciousness is always the creation of the present and the future.

In times of global economic and financial crisis with worrying trends of de-democratization, it seems more necessary
than ever to develop a broad social sense of the achievements of democracy and to consolidate them.

At the same time right-wing positions with enemies, new and old, strengthened. The attempt to understand how in the
center of a European culture, a society could be transformed into a culture of exclusion, requires a special awareness of
how societies develop exclusion and mechanisms of violence, how they work and what social dynamics are developed

Curated by Werner Koroschitz and Uli Vonbank-Schedler

Vandalized sign